Contractors in the HMRC CIS scheme are under many obligations, some of these can seem a little baffling and time consuming tasks.

HMRC requires that you must first register as a contractor with them, verify each and every sub-contractor you are using and deduct a percentage of tax at payment. At the end of each month, a statement for each sub-contractor that is being paid must be produced with the relevant information and a monthly CIS return must be submitted to HMRC within the deadlines. The total amount of tax deducted from the sub-contractors must then be paid to HMRC.

Our service includes:

  • Verification sub-contractors for you.
  • Complete monthly Statements for sub-contractors sent out
  • How much tax is needed to deduct from each payment.
  • Records of payment and tax deduction from your sub-contracors each month.
  • Calculation of tax due to HMRC each month and completion of payslip. (We will inform you of how much is needed to be paid and how to pay it)
  • Complete the monthly CIS Return and submit it to HMRC on-line, ensuring you don’t miss any deadline.